Swatchers and Reviewers

Are you interested in swatching for Jior Couture?

What we are looking for in swatchers/reviewers:

*You must have a blog or social media where you post nail/hand care related swatches and reviews.

*You must be an active and frequent poster and have an active blog/social media following.

*If you are under 18 years of age, you will need parent/guardian permission.

*Your swatches MUST be clean and neat.

*Swatch photos and/or videos must be clear with great lighting.

*Your hands, nails and cuticles must be well kept and groomed.

Are you still interested?

Follow the link to fill out our swatcher application.

Jior swatcher application

If you're what we're looking for at the moment, we will contact you.

We will add to our swatcher list as needed. Our swatcher needs change frequently.

To keep up to date on our swatcher needs, be sure to follow us on